Timber frame construction differs from traditional blockwork methods as it uses timber frames as the sole structural support. It is incredibly strong and long lasting and can be finished on the outside with a range of finishes including traditional brick. Timber frames are an extremely versatile modern method of construction.

The Modeco team will design and manufacture a timber frame solution to meet your needs whatever your project size and requirements. From housing developments to one-off houses or full multi story apartment blocks we have the experience to deliver any project. 

Our off-site timber frame construction offers many advantages over traditional blockwork construction methods.


  • Timber frames are quick to install as all manufacturing occurs off-site. Assembly can take as little as a few days depending on the size of the building.
  • When the timber frame is in place all other trades such as electricians and plumbers can get inside quicker than on a traditional block build.
  • The provisions for services can be built in before installation so once on site, less time is taken up by trades in preparation of works.
  • Less delays due to adverse weather conditions. Timber frames are manufactured indoors and can even be erected during inclement weather which is of particular advantage when building in the Irish climate.


  • The precision engineering in structural timbers such as Glulam means that it matches and exceeds the strength of
    concrete and steel whilst also being more lightweight.
  • Well-made timber structures are incredibly durable and can last for centuries.


  • Timber frames are produced using quality controlled, precision engineering which ensures that the timber frame is highly accurate to drawings. Edges and angles will always be straight and true. This enables easier, more accurate internal decoration for carpets, wallpaper or shelving.
  • The high quality control and precision manufacturing procedures eradicate mistakes in construction, saving time delays and money in rectifying and repair.


  • A truly renewable construction material, timber production in Europe sees more trees planted than harvested. At Modeco, we seek to always use European forestry supplied timber.
  • Timber has very low embodied energy as it requires very little to produce from the raw product. Concrete uses five times more energy to produce than timber.
  • Timber is non-toxic and does not leach contaminants into the environment or the build atmosphere.
  • Wood is a natural insulator and timber frames allow more space for insulation, reducing energy used for heating.
  • Lower U-values (measures of thermal efficiency in building components-lower values mean greater energy efficiency) can be achieved compared with block construction. Our Modeco produced walls have U-values of just 0.13