Our factory manufactured ModPods build on our timber frame housing experience. As suppliers to housing developments and private customers alike you can be assured ModPod Garden Rooms are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance with building regulations for housing.

ModPods are fabricated/constructed in our timber frame factory, this allows for reduced installation times on site and increased production accuracy. Each timber is precisely cut using digital saws giving uniform panels.

ModPod walls are made to the same specification as our timber frame house walls, using a stronger timber than the majority of garden room suppliers on the market. This results in a sturdier and longer lasting product. Our standard additional wall insulation will keep you cosy during the long winter evenings.

The modern design of the ModPod is sure to enhance any garden.

Open your world to an exciting new ModPod

ModPods offer a new and exciting addition to any home. The versatility of use is endless.

Family Retreat: Allowing busy families some space for quiet time or to send teenagers out for their gaming, additional space can diffuse tensions in cramped households. ModPods are safe area for your family giving everyone their privacy while staying close to home.

Home Office: Keeping a health work/home balance can be difficult. Being able to work in a separate quiet area keeps your professional life intact and also allows you to close the office door at the end of the work day and instantly be at home with no commute. Especially during these inprecedented times working from home has suddenly become the new normal. We need to adjust our There are huge health, environmental and quality of life benefits to working from home. Certain jobs cannot be done from homebut for those that can a designated work area is essential for success.

Hobby Room: Our airy ModPod studios give ample space for exercise, crafting, music rehearsals and an array of other hobbies.

ModPod Order Timeline

  1. Measure the avail space in your garden and find the best ModPod option for you

  2. Fill in an online enquiry form and a ModPod representative will contact you. Most of the essential information can be sent via email

  3. Quotation and contract (a site visit can be arranged if required at this stage)

  4. Installation

Planning Permission Guidelines

Garden rooms are exempt from planning permission if they comply with certain criteria. We can advise our customers of these rules but ultimately it is the clients responsibility to ensure that their development complies with the planning guidelines. If you are unsure we would suggest contacting your local authority.

  1. The ModPod must not be positioned forward of the front wall of the house

  2. The maximum size allowable for a stand alone structure is 25m2. Please keep existing sheds, garages or greenhouses in mind as the maximum area increase of all these structures must be 25m2 or less.

  3. 25m2 of garden space must be left after installation

  4. The external features of the ModPod must be in keeping with the existing house

  5. The maximum height for the flat roof is 3m

  6. The ModPod must not be lived or used as sleeping accommodation for people or animals

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